CSM’s Urban Intensive Program provides a missional learning experience for college-aged students who are interested in learning more about social justice issues. 

This year, we are calling it Advocacy in Action: Connecting Spiritual Health & Advocating for Others.


College-age students & young adults

Philadelphia, PA

January 2-6, 2019


Cost of the Urban Intensive includes housing, food, transportation within the city, and supplies that are used throughout the Intensive. It does not include transportation to the CSM city before the Intensive or back home afterwards.


Injustice isn’t a new phenomenon. People have been advocating for themselves and their communities since the beginning of time. In this specific cultural and political climate, we can feel overwhelmed by the injustices around us. Philadelphia has long been a hub of activists and organizers who have made it their life’s work to advocate for marginalized populations. With guidance from some of these leaders, we will explore how we, as specific parts of the Body of Christ, can take on different roles in seeking justice.

While serving within the community and learning about work in Philadelphia, we will gather tools to take back to our home communities. Whether through contemplative activism, political lobbying, protesting, or intentional dialogue, we will try on different forms of advocacy to see what fits. We will also consider how self-care methods can make justice a sustainable way of being. We seek to be like Jesus, who broke social norms with the power of love, justice, and care of the “other.”