Interested in living, learning and serving in the city?  Apply to be a City Host!

What is a City Host?

A City Host is an intern position that works directly with the groups of volunteers that come to serve in the city each week. The responsibility of City Hosts include:

  • Orienting serving groups to the city and to CSM
  • Introducing and framing each community partner or activity to the group
  • Serving alongside the group members at each site
  • Learning to navigate the city in order to guide groups to each site and restaurant
  • Helping groups to process their experience by leading evening debriefs

Why be a City Host?

Through your season of serving in the city, you’ll get the opportunity to:

  • Learn from and serve with grassroots organizations and indigenous leaders
  • Growth in depth of knowledge of social justice issues
  • Be a bridge between groups and the city
  • Gain experience working with youth
  • Receive mentorship, training and care from full time city staff
  • Live and work in a diverse city
  • Eat foods from locally owned international restaurants
  • Housing, food and a salary are provided!
    • Housing is community style, shared with the other seasonal staff
    • Hosts are compensated $800/month.  Summer hosts are required to support raise $500 prior to the start of their internship.


Our internships are offered for varying timelines from 3 – 6 months:

  • Spring City Hosts serve from February through May, with the possibility of extending
  • Summer City Hosts serve mid-May through August
  • Fall City Hosts serve from October through December



Please visit our online job bank and complete an application for the city and the season you are interested in!