As of the 2010 census, more than 35% of the population of Los Angeles was foreign born. This does not include the thousands of the immigrants that stream through, using Los Angeles as a point of entry before moving to another city. The native lands of Los Angeles residents represent more than 140 different countries throughout the world.


There are at least 25,0000 homeless people each night in Los Angeles. About 10,000 homeless people live on “Skid Row”. This is a ten square block area at the center of downtown Los Angeles. At any given time at least half the homeless population literally sleeps on the streets. The average age of homeless person is around 40 years old. One third to one half of the homeless population is women and girls.


Los Angeles also illustrates the huge gap between rich and poor present in so many of our nation’s cities. The central city financial district (which employs over 100,000 commuting suburbanites and includes the Biltmore Hotel, one of L.A.’s most expensive) sits just two blocks away from Skid Row, where tens of thousands of people live in flophouse hotels or literally out on the street.


The Bible commands us as followers of Christ to meet the needs of the “least among us”.  At CSM you will rise to this challenge but serving all around across LA.

  • “CSM blends a passion for the inner-city with a heart for the youth and families who come to serve. It’s mission and service at it best.”

    Dann Spader, Founder of Sonlife Ministries
  • I LOVE the concept of the ministry, and the opportunities to engage the individual folks on the street and hear their stories were priceless!
    I know our kids will be impacted for a long time to come:)

    Group Leader
  • Thank you for a wonderful experience and for my students. I know that they not only enjoyed themselves, but has left them with some wonderful memories. Detroit is a wonderful city and is in need of more help! Thank you again for your organization and for making a difference to the people of Detroit.

    Group Leader
  • My hopes and prayers for my College group were met.  I believe,  by God’s grace,  each of us had a life-changing experience by serving together in each of the Ministry sites. It was a joy to come along-side the work God is doing in the Churches and Ministries in Nashville. Thank you again for your wisdom and friendship.

    Group Leader
  • Thank you for making this a memorable trip for me. I have done a few student mission trips in the past, but none as well organized and thought out as this.

    Group Leader
  • I love CSM’s philosophy of ministry and mission. That’s why I brought a new church to you guys this past summer. I look forward to doing other trips in the future with CSM

    Group Leader
  • Thank you for being a part of our ministry and for helping our students get some perspective on serving and helping those living in poverty. I appreciated the fact that the students were given the opportunity to make and impact and to be impacted.

    Group Leader
  • Thank you for having a great organization where people are given the opportunity to learn and serve those in need. Thank you for treating our group with respect and having a great host to share our experience with. God bless you all.

    Group Leader
  • “Here at the Cartel, we think it’s cool that they have year-round, long-term relationships with their ministry partners within the cities they work in. In other words their strategy is like ours…we develop long-term collaborative ministry partners within an ecosystem we call “the Cartel” and CSM does the same type of thing within the short-term missions world, developing long-term collaborative mission partnerships.

    Adam McLane, Partner at The Youth Cartel
  • I can confidently say that the CSM is doing short term mission trips as well as they can be done. The work of CSM is thoughtful, wise, symbiotic, and generative… and CSM is doing a brilliant job furthering the Kingdom of God. I am delighted to call them a partner in the revolution.

    Shane Claiborne
  • If Christians are to make an impact for the Kingdom in the 21st century, they must live out the call to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the poor and needy. CSM gives young people and adults the opportunity to do just that in North America’s inner–cities.

    Tony Campolo
City Director
Allie grew up in beautiful Southern California, where most of her family still resides. She graduated from San Francisco State University with B.A. in Humanities, with an emphasis in Urban Studies. Through BAyUP, she learned about Jesus’ passion for justice and saw ways His heart breaks over issues of economic, gender, and racial inequality. Allie also learned that partnering with Jesus to fight systemic injustice requires long–term investments in people and neighborhoods.She also loves traveling and exploring new places, watching the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, reading, earthquakes, listening to good music (ie: Sam Cooke!!), and catching Olympic fever every 2 years. She is honored to be a part of God's kingdom in the City of Angeles.
Associate Director
Stephen was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area. For the majority of his adult life, he has worked in bakery kitchens baking and cake decorating. When Stephen was 20, he began to follow Christ and quickly began serving in his church. Stephen eventually became a volunteer worship pastor for Pasadena City Church and now also oversees their youth ministry. Stephen has felt a strong call to love others and create community in whatever way possible. Stephen's interests include spending time with friends and family, hiking, cooking for people, and getting to know new people and their history. Stephen is engaged to LA City Director, Allison Schuh. He lives in Pasadena with his 8 year corgi, Bosco.